Te Awamutu Bulk Spreaders



The Company; Te Awamutu Bulk Spreaders has been in business for nineteen years with the focus; EFS Economic Farm Surplus. The bulk spreading industry, it's format, development, progression and science has travelled through the veins of this business and the family since 1982. It started with Gordon and Leonee Furniss, Gordon spread the fertilzer in his 1979 state of the art 2 ton mini spreader while Leonee managed the orders, book keeping and finances to what would soon become one of the strongest spreading companies in the Waikato today.

From the days of early to the present, through the gruff and tuff times Gordon and Leonee have been there, growing. Together they have growen many a paddock, many a field, not only within their own business but within the business of their farmers. They pride themselves on the research and work they have deadicated to their business for their farmers, providing, what they
believe is unmatched true Economic Farm Surplus.

The company and their trucks have literally gone where no other bulk spreading company has gone before. The company has four trucks none of which are older than three years. Three four wheel drive Merceedes trucks and one Mann each specifically and uniquelly designed to cater to the needs of the Waikato and beyond lands. Each truck is as unique as the land in which it spreads on. The Company has 3 owner drivers Gordon Furniss, Darren Udy, and Derek Furniss alone amounting to a massive 50 years experience within the industry.