Derek Furniss started driving in 1989 with a 1113B Mercedes and from the beginning he broke records in quantity and quality spreading for the company. He is the man behind the research and development of Te Awamutu Bulk Spreaders and has been accredited for his innovative and fesh ideas.

Following the interests of his father, Gordon Furniss he soon became one of the youngest Bulk Spreader's in the country. From the farmers came sceptisim and caution. You could see the Farmer's question, can I trust this boy to literally cart and spread $2000.00 of my money?

Months after Derek had developed; well deserved loyalty and his own client base through the business. He knew from now and into the future his destinty was to be a Bulk Spreader but "NOT" just any bulk spreader, his goal was to be one of the best in the business.

From the past to the present, Derek is known for his innovation and practicality and it's not surprising with his job philosphy being "The benefits of a job will speak for themselves.".

The Spider

Derek has revolutionised the industry with his latest invention affectionatley known as the 'Spider'. Pictured right the 'Spider' offers complete manouverability, handling tight races, curves and corners with ease, and speed. A self designed truck that handles wet, soft & swampy peat lands which ultimatley offers farmers the opportunity to fertilise land which would have been previously considered as unproductive land.

This self designed truck is unmatched by anything else on the market today. A seven ton truck that offers flotation on swampy lands some might say impossible but through an earlier vehicle Derek initiated the use of tractor tyres now of which are almost standard on most spreading trucks within the industry. Derek whom has never wanted to be one of the sheep has gone further with not six but eight Michellin MX47's often refered to as "Fats".

The main feature/difference in the 'Spider' when compared against any other truck in the spreading industry is it's pivot design, crucial for 'complete' manuverablity around farms. The innovative steering system is achieved through twin orbital and twin double acting hydraulic rams which operate the centre pivot.

The picture depicts a convential truck turning in a circle where as the 'Spider' doesn't have to because it bends in the middle into a 'V' shape enabling almost 90 degree turning. The wheels don't turn, the body bends in half when you turn the steering which avoids the scuffing or digging into soft ground as convential trucks do.

An added feature to this unique truck is the specialist twin augers, twin spinners, design. The 'Spider' uses twin augers and twin spinners, which can be controlled effortlessly and independantly from the cab offering precise application. Either side can be selected, avoiding streams,drains and other fertliser wastage areas. The computer itself adjusts the speed of either auger and/or spinner according to the job requirement.

In summary the highest of standards althrough difficult were set for this machine so it would exceed expectations for veichle certification and spreading requirements and without qusetion it has been proven itself time and again. It was endorsed by Mc Donalds Lime at the Fieldays of 2001 as their input towards Innovation, Invention and Inginuity.

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